2019 Digital Trends That will Guide Enterprise Mobility

Robby Gupta

When it is about technology, latest advancements keep on inviting transformations to be done on different tools and devices from time to time.

Enterprise mobility is a concept that is something that influences the business sector to the utmost possible extent. The implementation of the concept is significantly noticeable in different business sectors, leading to the transformation of different industries.

With everything becoming mobile these days, why are today’s workplaces not yet?

Given the proven enhancement in the productivity level of employees due to enterprise mobility deployment in business organizations, the concept has received wide appreciation all across the globe.

There are multiple enterprise mobility trends that come up every time an advancement or innovation is recorded. As a result, you can say that when you have enterprise mobility incorporated in your work sector, you are following the latest working trends in your office or company or organization.

The implementation of these trends into the business sectors ensure that the employees get a mobile platform to work on, through available devices.

In short, remote working options are available that allow owners and employees to use personal laptops and mobiles to accomplish their tasks from wherever they are.

The foundation of the enterprise mobility is obviously the cloud technology that makes these devices access data and enable seamless productivity for employees with the help of thorough Enterprise Mobility Management.

Digital Trends to Guide Enterprise Mobility in 2019

2018 was a year with a lot of activities happening in technology space. Let’s take a look at what lies ahead for 2019.

5G Advancement

While people are already amazed by the use of 4G network all around, enterprise mobility software application is all set to become robust with the 5G technology.

As a result, working from distance for your organization will undergo a huge transformation in terms of speed and efficiency. It is expected that the month of March will mark the introduction and deployment of the 5th generation of the mobile network in the field of enterprise mobility.

AI Incorporation

Since technology has improved to such a great extent, Artificial Intelligence is definitely being incorporated into the concept of enterprise mobility. You can imagine how productive the merge of the two most fruitful technological concepts will be for the business sectors.

The idea of the inculcation of the AI technology is not new and it has been into the process from 2017. But the AI deployment is expected to see a more advanced phase; thereby, making businesses more efficient and productive.

Data governance will be easier and will make information clearer, more visible, and easy to understand. This, in turn, will make data or information ready for use and thereby initiate better decision-making from your side.

Artificial intelligence technology
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Security – A Priority

When you deal online, you need to have a safe and secure environment to begin. No matter whether it is money or it is the confidential company data you are dealing with, security is the utmost requirement. With the latest features or trends, the enterprise mobility will be supplemented with a safer and more secure platform.

Mobile Threat Defense or MTD will not only be a necessity but also more popular as enterprise mobility trends 2019. With advanced facial recognition, improved biometrics, and no-scanning security measures will make dealing with data more secure. In short, enterprise mobility will adopt the latest trend of zero trust cybersecurity.

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BYOD Inculcation

The adoption of the Bring Your Own Device or BYOD will be more prominent in 2019. According to a research conducted by MarketsandMarkets, the global market of enterprise mobility and BYOD is expected to reach USD 266.17 billion in 2019.  With the help of the inclusion of the BYOD by more organizations, the expenses will be reduced to a great extent.

The consumerization of IT is only going to rise. And the concept of BYOD has proved its effectiveness in terms of ease of operations, cost savings, and better productivity. In particular, the cost advantage that BYOD offers can be highly beneficial for startups. That’s why the IT leaders have gradually started to encourage the practice.

BYOD Inculcation
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Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

A Unified Endpoint Management or UEM idea will witness a significant boost seeing the need for a more secure mobile device to work with. The UEM approach refers to securely deploying multiple endpoints from a single console. The endpoints in a business can be resources of a firm on devices like desktops, laptops, wearables, mobiles, tablets etc.

Thus, an enterprise can have numerous endpoints and keeping them synchronized and secure is the need of the hour especially for an organization with a relatively large headcount.

The technology will enable the better management of enterprises by keeping the endpoints connected through a safe and secure platform. This will anyway lead to long-term cost savings for businesses. The adoption rate of UEM has been considerably slow but then the same is expected to increase drastically in 2019.

Location-based Features

When it is enterprise mobility, being aware of the areas from which one operates is important to be known at times. This will be a useful feature for owners who may want to have an idea of the place where the services are asked from. The location-based feature, therefore, is an important inculcation in the enterprise mobility software or application.

With the help of this, you will be able to track, trace, and service anyone you want. The companies that deal with services and not goods will always need to have a highly connected intelligent network to make their service delivery easier and more organized.

The Reign of Data

When you have a technological feature to make organizational functions easier for you to conduct, there are complications that accompany it as well. As soon as the future of enterprise mobility is driven by the new trends of 2016, you will see that the data becomes dominant and you, being the enterprise, will become more accountable.

If any tampering in the data is observed or data susceptibilities are noticed, it will be your enterprise that will have to give answers. As a result, the competition will increase as industries will look for more reliable data management solutions.

The enterprise mobility trends for 2019 will make it easier for enterprises to operate. However, the accountability and answerability will significantly increase.

This, in turn, makes it mandatory that you remain careful while deploying the technological concepts appropriately based on what your enterprise mobility management software or application needs to have.

Once your system is robust, your organization will have the best working experience with efficient data storage and retrieval system with all the advanced features that make the system robust and secure.

Thus, if you want to have an affordable, reliable, accessible, and available cloud computing services to resolve the data management and security issues, the latest trends in the enterprise mobility niche will help you. In short, the digital working platform will experience a huge transformation as soon as you have the required software solution installed in your enterprises.

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