If you need intuitive mobile and web-based user interfaces for apps or interactive experiences, you need a team of UX and UI professionals. UX specialists uncover users’ mental model, whilst the UI designers create screen-licking designs. What can we do? Our User Experience ninjas will take your requirements and design simple yet engaging designs for all interactions on mobile and web-enabled devices, either using agile or lean methodology. So from Profiles to Personas, from Task Flows to Information Architecture, they will create everything required to ‘know thy user’. While our UI pros will embellish that design skeleton with visuals, interactions, colours, fonts and graphics, transforming business requirements into user-centric designs.


A User-centric design process begins with setting up business goals and objectives that are aligned to user expectations. These form the basis for strategy, design and information architecture (IA). Once the IA is designed we create wireframes to visualize the data structures and UI features. For all of this, we suggest research methods to partners based on the time and resources they can commit to the exercise. The deliverables at research stage include: goal analysis, personas, workflows, competitor benchmarking, IA design, wireframes and clickable prototypes.


We help you set the right KPIs (key performance indicators) to test your designs. User-testing sessions are taken up next to elicit end-user feedback. The feedback gained forms the basis of our detailed reports that convert data to design improvement suggestions. We pick a user testing method that both the client and user are comfortable with. A well-designed IA doesn’t guarantee user engagement, and needs to backed by compelling visual experiences that evoke emotional responses from users. What we deliver at this stage: Storyboards, on-site testing, remote user testing, uniform brand experience.


Our experts come up with great front-end designs that users will love. We use the latest tech to translate the design into functioning code at pixel level that is well-integrated with your back-end systems. Our designers are experts in HTML, CSS, Javascript and other web technologies. We pride ourselves on quality and give a 60-day warranty period on our codes and design. This gives our partners ample time to uncover any imperfections. We continue our support during back-end integration to make the entire process stress-free. What we deliver during development: Integration, warranty and support.