In today’s world where business of Smartphones and Tablets is soaring high, you need a trustworthy and dedicated partner to create handcrafted apps. What can we do? We here at TechJini offer you exceptional service and a dedicated team with broad ranging expertise spanning Cocoa framework to Swift, from Lollypop to Material Design for the apps you have envisioned. Our team will walk with you to identify your exact needs and cater to them with a quick turnaround time in short sprints using the Agile process. Result: A product that is meticulously coded, of impeccable quality and which truly represents your vision!


Are you looking to build a new web solution? Planning feature improvement for an existing app? You can count on our suite of application lifecycle services which include conceptualization, prototyping, UI design, app development, app deployment, and maintenance services.


To transition from your old tech to a newer one takes a lot of careful planning and execution. We assist you in the process by studying your existing application, by helping you assess different technology and architecture choices and by lending technology and data migration support.


A great user experience and a simple user interface design are indispensable to product success in the present market. When we partner with clients on UI/UX, we take a fresh look at their processes and help them transition their products and solutions to a better user experience.