We craft spectacular visual experiences in any space and on any screen. Our broad range of skill-sets enable us to provide a multitude of creative solutions. Our services include concept design, 360 Video Content in 3D, 3D Animation, architectural walk-throughs, software development and any combination of these services. TechJini Studio is defined by its creative partnerships and the creative solutions it creates through these partnerships. The Techjini team is group of enthusiastic and talented people, working every day to create inspirational solutions that stand out in the industry.

360° VIDEO

VR 360° Video better known as live-action VR video is the next frontier in visual storytelling. The experience centers around transporting viewers inside a film by letting them choose the angle of action they wish to see. The process involves use of cutting-edge camera rigs, drones, stitching together different frames and post-production work. World’s leading brands are using 360 video services to create immersive stories that wow their audience.


VR applications can make you experience a reality that doesn’t exist. Our VR experts can create virtual experiences that mimic real ones for brands that seek to provide novel experiences to their customers. Techjini’s team of VR ninjas can work with SketchUp, 3ds Max, Blender, Revit, and other such software, to create entertaining VR experiences. VR can also be used for visualization of objects prior to construction, and packs a lot more detail than plain 2D animation visible on flat screen.


We are a full service design house that offers interactive (2D) animation, graphic design besides a variety of other design services. At Techjini we aim to cater to all your design needs under one roof and don’t limit ourselves to concept designs and 3D walkthroughs. For beautiful designs that captivate your audience and delight them into becoming loyal followers of your brand, partner with our awesome design team.