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iPhone Application Development

iPhone is one of the most popularly used mobile phones across the globe. From youth to the technology savvy business professionals, iPhone is a popular device across generations and places. Wide range of iPhone applications makes life easy and swift with a phone. As iPhone applications are gaining huge demand, the world has also witnessed growth in the number of iPhone application development companies. TechJini is one of the leading iPhone apps development companies in India. We provide diverse mobile applications and web applications for different platforms such as ios app development, iPhone application development, android application development and more.


iPhone App Developer


At TechJini, we have skilled iPhone app developers who have years of experience in iPhone apps development. We have consistently surpassed Apple's guidelines with 0% rejection in terms of iPhone software development. Our iPhone app developer team works closely with our clients and builds solutions as per their requirement. Our iPhone app creator team takes time to understand your demand and incorporate your ideas into their design delivering the best iPhone applications. Client satisfaction is our primary aim and adopting advanced features and high compatibility, we have been successfully achieving it.


TechJini has a unique combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge base, result oriented management and extensive experience that helps us deliver you effective and satisfactory mobile applications for iPhone. Also we provide the best cost of developing an iPhone app as compared to other providers in the market. Explore our iPhone applications and grab the best suited solutions for your business at iPhone app development costs.




Techjini has extensive experience developing feature rich iPhone applications, and is now able to offer iPad software development services.

We're looking forward to partnering with our clients to leverage the anticipation around this new device and to have applications available on the App Store the day the iPad is released.

Our expertise in Apple’s application development services ensures that we adhere to quality standards and meet stringent deadlines for application development.

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Technology used by TechJini Solutions for iPhone application development

The iOS development team at TechJini use objective C programming language with COCOA (object-oriented application program for the Mac OS X operating system). We also use MAC OS X systems and Xcode IDE to develop the applications.


Our core capabilities include:


  • Development of applications right from scratch to App Store submission with a close interactions with the clients
  • iPhone SDK including OS 3.0 and OS 4.0 features
  • iPhone Applications dependent on Accelerometer, GPS, mapping location services and database integration
  • Push notifications and in-app purchasing (mobile-commerce)
  • Streaming audio and video
  • Content Management System

Why choose TechJini Solutions?
iOS app development Team at TechJini always follow the latest innovations in the iPhone Application development market. Being one of the market leading iOS application development solution providers, we keep our knowledge and skills updated that help us deliver innovative and variety of applications in different business solution domains.

Mobile, Web or Desktop whatever medium you want to develop solutions, products or applications for, please feel free to contact us. We also offer specialized consultation services.
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