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iPad Application Development

iPad is one of the most popular mobile devices used by the business world. iPad provides professionals the swiftness to operate their business transactions while on move. To enhance your technical experience with iPad, TechJini brings to you a range of iPad application development solutions at affordable iPad application development cost. We are one of the leading iPad apps development companies in India. Since we started, we have provided iPad software development solutions to some of the biggest clients from all over the world.


iPad App Developers


At TechJini, we hire iPad app developers having years of experience and knowledge on iPad development. Our iPad app design team works closely with our clients to understand their requirement and tries to provide them the same. We incorporate your demand and our idea and develop effective iPad applications. You get a chance to interact with an experienced iPad application developer towards building smart and effective applications for your iPad. We have helped our clients in developing iPad compatible websites, migrating iPhone applications into iPad environment, developing iPad gaming applications and more. Our iPad application development team adopts latest technology and features to develop updated iPad app solutions.


Adopting improved operability with eye catching features, we develop iPad applications that suit your requirement and deliver you enhanced experience. Also our iPad app development cost is affordable as compared to other companies in the market. Explore our services, compare iPad app development costs and choose the best suitable app for your business. Make us a part of your success and thus ensure a smooth technical experience.


TechJini works with organizations from different industries such as BFSI, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Sports & Entertainment, Retail & E-commerce, Media & Publishing, Technology to brand their applications on iPad platform. Our team has experience and expertise in developing media centric applications featuring audio and video integration.


The team at TechJini Solutions are proficient in app development not only with the updated software for iPhone and iPad, i.e. iOS 4.0, but serve equally well for the iOS 3.2 of the iPad which is still much in use.


Our iPad application development services include developing:


  • Developing Custom iPad applications for various categories like

    Business & m-commerce applications
    Branding Applications
    Media extensive applications: interactive books with audio and video
    Applications specific to verticals: Education, Healthcare,
    Publishing, Hotels and Retail

  • Migrating/Porting existing iPhone application to iPad
  • Developing iPad compatible website
  • Migrating/Porting your existing web application to iPad
  • Migrating /Porting your existing game application to iPad



iPad Stats

Cnet quoted, Needham & Company analyst Charlie Wolf as saying the Apple iPad will sell:


  • 2 Million iPads in 2010
  • 6 Million iPads in 2011


If you have a concept, we have the right set of technical expertise team to bring your iPad app to life and make it a top application in the appstore.


We deliver duly tested applications which increase the approval ratio in the Apple Store. Improved operability with eye catching features help the applications we developed to gain steady popularity and deliver enhanced user experience. Moreover, we support our clients at every step from inception to completion and submission of the application for approval.

Interested in having an application developed for your company?




Techjini has extensive experience developing feature rich iPhone applications, and is now able to offer iPad software development services.

We're looking forward to partnering with our clients to leverage the anticipation around this new device and to have applications available on the App Store the day the iPad is released.

Our expertise in Apple’s application development services ensures that we adhere to quality standards and meet stringent deadlines for application development.

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