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January 30, 2014 - android / android development / General / iPad / iPhone / iPhone development / Mobile Technology / Productivity / software / techjini

In this tech savvy world, where we spend most of our time in front of one gizmo (gadget) or the other and where viewing, making notes, future reminder tasks have defined major part of our day. Don’t we all wish we wouldn’t need to take multiple backups and self mails to keep track of stuff, and somehow everything would magically appear at one place? Where the notes taken on my laptop, could be viewed through my smartphone on the go!!

Here it is!!! TomBox – a one stop solution for all those Tomboy users out there. Using TomBox, you can read all your Tomboy notes on your phone easily. All that is needed is a simple setup of storing your Tomboy Notes to your Dropbox account.

We are team of three and we love the simplicity of Tomboy, we have been using Tomboy on daily basis to capture our ideas and to keep track of ideas and notes which otherwise would be forgotten. TomBox is fusion of two great ideas, Tomboy – Simple note taking, Powerful ideas and Dropbox – Your stuff, anywhere. I, Yajnesh and Sushma have been working on this project for couple of months now and we are delighted to announce that TomBox is live in the market for three mobile platforms namely iOS, Android and Windows.


  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Login via Dropbox Authentication
  • Read notes from Dropbox folder
  • Internal note linking
  • Display notes under notebooks
  • Sort notes by modified date, created date or title
  • Search notes
  • Manual/Auto Sync
  • Tomboy and Gnote support

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We do reply, so please send in your feedback and if you think of any possibility, however crazy it is, we are listening!

Special thanks to Shabari and Gautam for helping us to document this project.

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  1. Hi,
    Nice app!
    I have a small concern : when I use the Search tool, if the searched word is in the note's title only, I don't get any result.
    Could you please check this ?
    Thanks a lot !

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