August 28, 2015

Good Project = Smart Project

Every business involves with a lot of projects. If you want to become a leader, The Project Manager will eventually be a part of your job description. As stated in Wikipedia –  “Project Management is basically the process of planning and organizing the resources, to control the resources, to motivate the resources as well as… Read More


August 25, 2015

Effective Time Management

Ineffective time-management always leads to stress.So its very important to have self-discipline to be able to manage our time effectively.  The key factors to manage time are:-  Lack of Focus leads to waste of time.Work Smart and in fact don’t just work smart but focus on working smart on the right things.Setup schedule for the… Read More


August 19, 2015 UI,

Adobe CC extracting assets & styles: Advantages and Issues

Style Guide Creative Cloud Assets lets you store, organize and collaborate with your documents, video and creative assets to keep you connected to your creativity at the office, at home or on the go with convenient access from your desktop and mobile device. Most of UI Designer’s spend valuable time to give style guide in… Read More

Umesh Vainingal

August 15, 2015

Stuck in a “Zombie Project”?

As a child, I and in fact most of us were pretty fascinated about watching shows that had those evil, mindless creatures having an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Little did I know that those creatures were called “Zombies”. Now, I have grown up and after being a part of Project Management group for almost 2… Read More


July 27, 2015 UI,

Creating Icon Set!

Creating Icon Set! Iconography is an internal part of any UI design project now a days. Icons have the ability to communicate ideas, functions, meaning in a common visual language which explains clearly to the user without any text. Completing a set of icons is a hell of challenge. Here are the tips to create… Read More


July 15, 2015

The Best of WWDC

Apple executives took the stage and made some exciting announcements at the company’s 26th Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco on Monday. Apple Music, iOS9, WatchOS and OS X El Capitan are just a few of the major pieces Apple unveiled. The attendees were from 70 countries and 80 percent of them are the first… Read More

Harsha Kakkeri

July 10, 2015

5 “why” before proceeding to wireframes

The whys and hows are the fundamental elements of a design thinking process. Asking these 5 questions provides the clarity required to approach the hows. 1. Why are we building this product, what problem would we be solving with this product? 2. Why will the end user finally use this product, what need are we… Read More


June 30, 2015 UI,

Why interviewing users is critical to product success

While art is a medium for self expression, design needs to be user-focused. Of all the different means available to understand user needs, interviewing user gives rich results and deep insights. Recently for our client, we took interviews of 40 plus users. These users differed in their socio-economic strata and each of them helped us… Read More


June 30, 2015

Who Designed the Hamburger Icon?

The hamburger icon is classic. We have all seen the hamburger icon. The hamburger button has become a common symbol on our smartphones, tablets and computers. As a matter of fact most of us probably use it on a daily basis. Even if you don’t know it by name, its very simple. Three horizontal lines… Read More


June 30, 2015

5 steps to create compelling story board

Story board is a sequence of drawing representing the user’s journey and interaction within the system.Using  storyboards helps in  discussions focused on people and their goals, compared to flow diagrams.   Avoid paper thin characters: While creating characters, dive deep into the lives of characters. What they  do, where they live, how would they respond to the… Read More


June 29, 2015

Freemium or Premium, which brings the ROI?

Few days back when I was talking to a founder of a start-up, he tried to convince me that freemium model is best suited for the current scenario. Paid apps are dead. I agree that the freemium model has its obvious advantages for both the user and the developers. To the user, it reduces the… Read More

Siddhartha Banerjee

June 26, 2015

Five Steps to Awesomeness

Five steps to create an awesome experience on mobile Step #1. Design for mobile, not web (or print) You are probably wondering how different can it be to design a mobile app from designing a mobile site. The difference is poles apart. On web, the interaction is between the cursor and pixels. Whereas on mobile,… Read More

Siddhartha Banerjee

June 26, 2015

UX Pays !

At this point of time, there is a consensus in the industry on how user-experience design will save development time. The development time spent on rework is saved as requirements are defined upfront from user’s perspective. Additionally, user experience design helps team to priorities feature and have laser-sharp focus on user needs, which in return… Read More


June 23, 2015

Go lean with a minimum product but maximum impact

The minimum viable product is the early version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort and risk. Lean methodology is based on the build-measure-learn feedback loop. Cycle starts with defining the problem and developing a minimum viable product to begin… Read More


June 23, 2015

Watch out for Apple Watch

Apple’s most personal device yet THE APPLE WATCH has finally arrived and the developer community had received early access to the WatchKit SDK last November.Currently, anyone ordering the Apple Watch Sport will have a long waiting time before their orders are shipped. Things aren’t much better for the standard, mid-range Apple Watch, which currently will… Read More

Harsha Kakkeri

June 4, 2015

Why user focused design is better than activity focused design

Activity -Focused Design: Activity focused design techniques consists of work-flow diagramming, feature listing and task based usability testing. These techniques provide important insights that improve usability. These techniques although help in enhancing user-experience on micro level but may fail to achieve holistic product success. User-Focused Design User focused design techniques involve field study, personas, user… Read More


March 23, 2015 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, Mobile Technology, software, Tech Tips,

Install Cocoapods in your project

What are CocoaPods? CocoaPods is a dependency management tool for iOS and OS X development that has been gaining a lot of traction in the Cocoa community. When using CocoaPods, you define your project’s dependencies in a file, which CocoaPods uses to determine and resolve dependencies between libraries before downloading the needed source code and… Read More

Mythri Shenoy

November 21, 2014 General, iPad, iPhone, Productivity,

Black Friday Deals

Umesh Vainingal

October 27, 2014 iPhone development,

Maximum length for UITextField with T9 keyboard on iOS

Apple has introduced T9 key board in iOS 7 to improve the Chinese and Japanese input. T9 keyboard will have 9 keys, and hence the name, allowing the entire range of  characters to be entered by multi-tapping on the keys.   I came across a problem with T9 keyboard for validating the input text field to… Read More


August 27, 2014 android, android development,

Block navigation tray from expanding android

Source: The app is not made full screen. We put a overlay over the status bar and consumed all input events. It prevented the status from expanding. We could not prevent the status appearing in full screen mode in kitkat devices, so made a hack which still suits the requirement ie block the status… Read More

Abhimaan Madhav

April 11, 2014 android, iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, Mobile Technology, techjini,

Hybrid App UI Framework Comparison

The days of just native app are about to be extinct in mere future. The trend is turning over other alternatives to build rapid and native like apps. This is where cross platform Apps come into picture. As the name suggest cross platform apps are the apps that you develop (code) once and will be… Read More


April 9, 2014 General, techjini,

Some useful tips to beautify and ease the use of git command line tool in OSX

Prerequisites Make sure your git version is up-to date You can use the command git –version to check your current git version. The latest version for mac is 1.9.0, it was released about a month ago, on 17-feb-2014. You can download the latest git from here and install it to update the git version. Curl… Read More


April 1, 2014 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, Mobile Technology,

Consuming SOAP services

Consuming SOAP services in iOS SOAP, originally defined as Simple Object Access Protocol, is a protocol specification for exchanging structured information in the implementation of Web Services in computer networks. It relies on XML Information Set for its message format, and usually relies on other Application Layer protocols, most notably Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or… Read More


March 6, 2014 General, Uncategorized,

Javascript Promises

Promise is a method of resolving a value in an asynchronous manner. promises are the objects that represent the return value or thrown exception that a function may eventually provide. Promises are incredibly useful in dealing with remote objects, and we can think of them  as a proxy for our remote objects. Q : Why… Read More


February 18, 2014 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, Tech Tips,


iBeacon is a micro locating indoor position system that Apple Inc. calls “a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence.” They can also be used by the Android operating system. The technology enables an iOS device or other hardware to send push notifications to iOS devices… Read More


February 10, 2014 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development,

IOS Image Processing Libraries/Frameworks, OCR and Image Utilities

  Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~ Leonardo da Vinci   Let me keep it simple and direct. For those newbies, kindly go through the presentation here to learn the basics of image processing.   1) GPUImage library (>iOS 4.0) Description: This fantastic library allows you to recreate almost any effects you can do in Photoshop, limited… Read More


February 4, 2014 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, Tech Tips,

How to invoke a Javascript method from Objective C?

If you are using .js files in your application, at times you may need to invoke methods in those files. You can achieve it in two easy steps. 1. Construct a NSString object containing “javascript:” followed by “methodName”. 2. Use the stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString: method which will invoke the javascript method   Example:   Javascript Code:   var x… Read More


February 4, 2014 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, Tech Tips, Uncategorized,

One of the ways to invoke Objective C code from Javascript code

The UIWebView calls its delegate several times while loading content from the web. The webView:shouldStartLoadWithRequest:navigationType: is the one we are interested in. Consider the following Javascript code: var sendToApp = function(_val) { var iframe = document.createElement(“IFRAME”); iframe.setAttribute(“src”, _val); document.documentElement.appendChild(iframe); iframe.parentNode.removeChild(iframe); iframe = null; }; var requestType = function(_mssg){ sendToApp(“hello”); }; The above just takes a… Read More


January 31, 2014 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, Tech Tips,

Tips to get a rounded Image View

We are aware that when we make use of UIImageView in our code, we get a rectangular image view. One of the recent Client requirements was to display a rounded image on the screen. With just a few lines of code and by using a method one can easily achieve that.   Setting up the… Read More


January 31, 2014 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, Tech Tips,

How to use NSMutableAttributedString?

  Attributed strings let us play around with strings by making them look more colourful and attractive. If you want to have only one particular letter of a string to be in colour and the rest in one colour, you have to make use of NSMutableAttributedString. Code Snippet NSMutableAttributedString * string = [[NSMutableAttributedString alloc] initWithString:str]; [string addAttribute:NSForegroundColorAttributeName  value:kColorRed  range:NSMakeRange(0,1)];… Read More


January 30, 2014 android, android development, General, iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, Mobile Technology, Productivity, software, techjini,

Introducing TomBox

In this tech savvy world, where we spend most of our time in front of one gizmo (gadget) or the other and where viewing, making notes, future reminder tasks have defined major part of our day. Don’t we all wish we wouldn’t need to take multiple backups and self mails to keep track of stuff,… Read More


August 6, 2013 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, Mobile Technology, Productivity, Tech Tips,

Network Simulation on iOS devices

Development has always been based on a fair number of assumptions. Network connectivity is one of them. To ensure good quality of products, it must me intensively tested in all network conditions. Nowadays, most mobile apps use data connectivity and there are lots of possible states data connectivity may be in. The data connectivity may be… Read More


July 18, 2013 Android Tablets, iPad, Mobile Technology,

Airlines and Tablets

  Hey guys, I came across this great website Basically is gives you complete news about the Tablets and its reach into the market. Airlines have come out with innovative areas to deploy tablets into the industry. You will find all the news in the website. For some teasers, Southwest Airlines is letting its… Read More


July 3, 2013 android, android development, Android Tablets, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, jQuery, Mobile Technology, mysql, PHP, software, Startup,

Quick solution to your Mobile Strategy

Hi there, Sorry for this delay in coming out with my new blog. Have been working on some new projects for Travel, Leisure & Tourism sector companies. So I do have a bag of goodies for all my readers here. Recently we are working with a startup company who were looking for a solution for… Read More


June 12, 2013 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, software,

iOS 7 New Translucent UI Core Benefits

The developers previews of Apple’s new iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks with new features that were announced on 11 Jun, 2013. iOS 7 is the biggest change since the iPhone was introduced five years. But What are the core benefits to use translucent UI in new iOS 7 as per developers’ and designers’ perspective?… Read More


May 22, 2013 android development, BlackBerry, Mobile Technology,

Why not Blackberry Apps?

  The mobile app development world is dominated by Apple’s iOS platform. According to statistics from the total number of apps in Jan 2013 is 775,000 out of which 300,000 i.e. a bit less than half are for iPad apps. This number is still increasing on a daily basis. After looking at these numbers… Read More


May 14, 2013 iPhone development,

Mobile app a must if you are in travel, leisure or tourism business

Travel, Leisure & tourism are the biggest and the fastest sectors adopting mobile technology. Mobile apps for Travel have become a need for the tech savvy travelers. Why Mobile app for my business? Following are few of the compelling reasons from TripAdvisor survey 2011, why you should own a mobile app: 47% expect to use… Read More


May 13, 2013 iPad, iPhone development,

Calculating my iPhone App Development investment

Hey people. Hope you had a great week and even greater weekend. Cheers! Last Monday I wrote about how to select the right Mobile Development Vendor for you. Hope you read it, If not you can read it on If you are looking to get into iPhone app business, one of the most important… Read More


May 3, 2013 Mobile Technology,

GLONASS – “Dual-core” Location Technology

Before I get into the nitty gritty details of what GLONASS is, I’d like you guys to know that we use GLONASS in our smartphone’s GPS tech. Actually it’s a little different, but it’s related to GPS in our phones. Just know , the next time you buy a smartphone and you do use GPS… Read More

Gautam Jain

April 29, 2013 Mobile Technology,

Selecting the Right Technology Vendor

If you are on a CXO level of a company, you must be bombarded with hundreds or even thousands of emails and calls from sales reps from around the world. I know I am a bit exaggerating, but hey it’s a true story! (saying it Barney Stinson way :P) These sales pitches not only bore… Read More


April 15, 2013 android, android development, Android Tablets, iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, java, Mobile Technology,

All about “Mobile Sensors”

Android Monthly meet up In Techjini we are having monthly discussions on different topics. On Last meet up we discussed on Sensors. At first an introduction to different available sensors with respect to mobile platform, was given. Then in detail we discussed on Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetic field, Orientation sensors. Regarding what do they measure ?, their… Read More


March 1, 2013 Mobile Technology, Nokia,

The Story of Nokia (2 of 2)

Please read part 1 to achieve a better perspective of how we’ve come to Collapse of MeeGo and yes , grab a cup of coffee The Story of Nokia – Part 1 Collapse of MeeGo The MeeGo team was extremely committed despite the bumps along the road. Most of them were very proud of the N9…. Read More

Gautam Jain

February 27, 2013 Mobile Technology, Nokia,

The Story of Nokia (1 of 2)

  This one is mostly for Nokia fans and those who wonder how Nokia became NOKIA; what happened to Nokia and the MeeGo OS ; why Nokia switched to Microsoft and what lies ahead. You might want to grab a huge cup of coffee before you read further. Rest assured, it will be a fun… Read More

Gautam Jain

January 28, 2013 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, Linux,

Know about Mac OS X File System and Unix System Directories

Almost all developers/programmers are familiar with Windows System Directories and File System. In current trend, Android, iOS and Mac OS have a vast usage by developers and end-users. Now iOS Developers should be familiar with Unix System Directories and Mac OS X File System. Sometimes this knowledge is also useful to troubleshoot any system problem… Read More


January 24, 2013 android, android development, Android Tablets, software,

Protecting Android App from Software Pirates

Pirated software is a big problem for many software companies. Software pirates use decompilers to remove license restrictions. Here some solutions/ways are available those android developers use to protect their code. 1. Obfuscation: In this process, obfuscation software replaces the methods and variable names in a class file with meaningless names. But still the source… Read More


December 24, 2012 android,

Calculate the distance to object from camera

The ratio of the size of the object (imageHeight) in picture and the height of the object in real life is the same as the ratio between the focal length and distance of object and camera. so the simple formula for getting Distance of object from camera is distance(mm) = (focal length (mm) * real… Read More

Jay K Daftary

December 13, 2012 iPhone,

Google Makes SDK Available For Its Native iOS Maps

Google has released native maps application that will allow developers to utilize its service within their own framework. Andrew Foster, Senior Product Manager, Google Maps explain about all the featuress on the Geo Developers Blog “The SDK features vector-based maps that load quickly, allowing users to easily navigate 2D and 3D views, rotating and tilting… Read More


December 12, 2012 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, software,

Different type of Custom Activity Indicator or Spinner

Customising UIActivityIndicatorView iOS SDK support only one type of activity indicators (spinner) with fixed size. For effective iOS App Development, iOS5 and above support for customising the colour of the spinner. UIActivityIndicatorView *activityIndicator = [[UIActivityIndicatorView alloc] initWithActivityIndicatorStyle:UIActivityIndicatorViewStyleGray]; activityIndicator.hidesWhenStopped = NO; [activityIndicator setColor:[UIColor redColor]]; [activityIndicator release]; Creating different types of ActivityIndicator Or Spinner Implementation of spinners… Read More


November 30, 2012 General,

Benefits of getting high on Water!

                   In a market saturated with specialty coffees, soft drinks, sports drinks and energy boosters, plain water often loses its luster. As crucial as water is, it seems the majority of the population is in a dehydrated rut. Weight loss– Water is truly the best negative calorie… Read More


November 26, 2012 iPhone development,

Supporting iOS 5 and below with xib of iOS 6

The problem: Application made for iOS 6 crashes for 5.1 and below. The solution: In iOS 6 there is a new feature called NSLayoutConstraint. This is prominent in the xib file where in the size inspector we see Constraints instead of the familiar Autosizing. More importantly, if we try to run the same for iOS… Read More

Gautam Jain

November 23, 2012 iPhone development,

Basics of supporting iPhone 5 for older projects

This post is to tell you basics of how to support iPhone 5 screen for your older iPhone development projects . Its pretty straight forward. Following is the checklist: 1. Along with Default.png, Default@2x.png , add one more with actual iPhone5 screen res with name Default-568h@2x.png ( w=640px; h=1136px; res=72dpi; ) – This will automatically… Read More


October 23, 2012 PHP, symfony,

Symfony2.X: Accessing id’s in controller BatchAction of SonataAdminBundle

Using Sonata Admin Bundle(, we can easily set up a basic Admin section for a web application. Recently, was working with batch Actions –, batch actions are those which act upon several entries at once eg: list of customers, you can select few/complete customer’s for deletion. By default it provides delete option, even custom… Read More


October 11, 2012 android, android development,

Android : Save big size image from Camera Application

While working with image saving from media/sd-card to android application‘s local path, I came across with an issue to get big size image as an output. Since android is an open source, so vendors can change the inbuilt camera application’s functionality. To handle this scenario I considered three cases as mentioned below. 1) Get big… Read More


April 4, 2012 PHP,

Running php script as cronjob having file handling functions

Problem: For some reasons i was not able to run the script having file handling functions from crontab, after few experiments on how to run the php script having file handling functions as cron job, have come up with the solution. script.php <?php $fp = fopen(‘expireddaterange.txt’, ‘r’); $file = file_get_contents(‘expireddaterange.txt’); if(strlen($file) > 0){ …. }else{ echo… Read More


February 24, 2012 android, General, iPad, iPhone, java, PHP, Tech Tips,

Use of Doxygen tool to generate documentation of a project

Documentation is one such task which we as developers, find it boring to do in spite of knowing its importance. So, like we always do, we will take help from a tool. Doxygen is a tool used for writing software reference documentation for large scale applications development. The documentation is written within code as we… Read More


February 23, 2012 android,

Android Development – Know the Platform and Architecture for Android apps development

Android Inc. first open its eyes at Palo alto, California USA in Oct 2003 by Andy Rubin along with his co-founder Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White with the dream of giving a world smarter mobile device which will revolutionize the mobile market. Google acquired Android Inc. on August 17, 2005, making Android Inc. a… Read More


February 21, 2012 android development,

Android Reshaping the World of Communication – Android Development

Android is spreading its wings and restructuring the way people communicate. Android empowers millions of phones, tablets and other devices also android browser brings the power of Google and the web at your fingertips. It’s a new, amazing and gives almost boundless landscape for app developers, this is the new exciting, innovative world of Android… Read More


December 30, 2011 techjini,

Startup Weekend – Bangalore

Startup Weekend is coming to Bangalore! Startup Weekend is proud to announce that we will be holding our next event in March on the 11th to the 13th at the Microsoft Signature Building (Embassy Golf Links Business Park Intermediate Ring Road, Domlur). The event features attendees, speakers, mentors, and judges from within local entrepreneurial community…. Read More


October 31, 2011 android,

Insert and modify Contact in Android

Being an android app developer, I would like to share that Android 2.0 provides new Contact API, which is defined in  android.provider.ContactsContract.  After some try on contact api I found a better and easy solution for insertion and modification of contact. Insert contact – Intent addContactIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_INSERT, ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTENT_URI); addContactIntent.putExtra(ContactsContract.Intents.Insert.NAME,”xyz”); addContactIntent.putExtra(ContactsContract.Intents.Insert.EMAIL,””); addContactIntent.putExtra(ContactsContract.Intents.Insert.PHONE,”012345678″); startActivity(addContactIntent); ACTION_INSERT… Read More


October 10, 2011 android, fun, General, iPad, iPhone, java, Linux, software, web 2.0,

Historical timeline charts related to computer/electronics

Android iPhone Apple Mac Bill Gates Linux Windows CE Various Mobile OS Excel Photoshop Intel Sony Nokia Social Media Search Engines Programming Languages W3C(Internet) Game Technology NFS Car Racing Game CellPhone Electronics Universe(Space) Software Hardware


October 5, 2011 symfony,

Request Class Details

For importing Request Class use following statement use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request; Following statement creates object of class “Request” $request = Request::createFromGlobals(); // the URI being requested (e.g. /about) minus any query parameters Every Index of $_SERVER global variable can be accessed using Request object with using get method so for example to get $_SERVER[‘PATH_INFO’] using Request Object… Read More


October 5, 2011 Linux,

File size limit exceeded linux error

This error can be fixed by checking command uname -a. Here it will display max limits assigned to various resources. If even after assigning limits it is giving error it means one of your logs is having size which has exceeded the limit. Try by clearing your logs then everything must work fine.


September 30, 2011 android, Android Tablets, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone,

Innovative Test Cases and Expected Results for Accelerometer, Compass And GPS

In current mobile technology, we use accelerometer, compass and GPS in latest mobile models. Here some innovative test cases and expected results of those components, when we test in some places like in the space, on any other planet, satellite, center of gravity of earth and center of magnetic field of earth. Those cases are… Read More


September 29, 2011 android development,

Nine Patch Images useful for android

Android devices come in different screen sizes and density, often making it very difficult for Android app maker to design an application for all screen sizes. Use of nine patch images can be very helpful for them. Mostly nine patch images are used as background for Buttons, Texts, Frames. Android provide a tool for creating… Read More


June 29, 2011 android,

Batch Insert to SQLite database on Android

Database operations are slow and in a situation where thousands of records have to be inserted, inserting each record consumes a lot of time and affects the performance of the Android application. In such situations,batch insert saves some overhead. A significant amount of time can be saved if batch inserts are made in a single… Read More


April 19, 2011 Uncategorized,

Customizing Background and Text color in Options Menu Android

Options menu in android applications can be customized to set the background or change the text appearance. The background and text color in the menu couldn’t be changed using themes and styles. The android source code (data\res\layout\icon_menu_item_layout.xml)uses a custom item of class “”View for the menu layout. We can make changes in the above class… Read More


April 19, 2011 android, Tech Tips, techjini,

How to change foreground & background colors in a webview.

At times we need to change the font or background color of the webview in Android to make it more readable or to conform to a design of your app. This post will show how simple it can be for an android app builder to almost. The latter is more simple as webview provides an… Read More


April 7, 2011 android, Tech Tips, techjini,

Retrieving Current Network Status in Android

Here is a quick snippet of code which might help to application developers in getting the current status of an Android> device’s data connection.  We make use of the ConnectivityManager class to get current active network information. We try to catch a NullPointerException which is thrown by the isConnected method when there is no active data… Read More


April 7, 2011 jQuery, techjini,

To check whether an element exists using jQuery

To check whether element is present or not use following code in jQuery:- If we use following code for checking tag it will always return true as jQuery always returns object. if($(‘checkbox’)){ } Correct way to do this is as follows:- if ($(‘checkbox’).length > 0) { }


March 18, 2011 Linux, techjini,

To get Linux OS release

To get Linux OS release, give either of the following commands 1.$ uname -r 2.$ cat /proc/version


March 17, 2011 PHP, Tech Tips, techjini,

Code for resumable download

Another piece of code for PHP developers, useful in open source applications development. Following is the function for application that needs functionality of resumable download. public static function dl_file_resumable($file, $is_resume=TRUE) { //First, see if the file exists if (!is_file($file)) { die(“404 File not found!“); } //Gather relevent info about file $size = filesize($file); $fileinfo =… Read More


March 17, 2011 PHP, software, Tech Tips,

To get data from POST body in PHP

This may look a very simple and small piece of code, but it took me ages to work on this one and get it in a proper format hence thought of sharing it with all. I used this line of code to get the data from POST body. I hope this will help you with… Read More


February 21, 2011 BlackBerry, General,

BlackBerry Tablet and SDKs

The BlackBerry tablet OS is based on QNX Neutrino Micro Kernel OS.  The tablet will offer full OpenGL and POSIX support alongside web standards such as HTML5 (using WebWorks). RIM has also announced the PlayBook’s ability to handle Flash content via Flash 10.1, as well as Adobe AIR apps. The tablet is of 7-inch, 1024… Read More


February 15, 2011 General, India, iPad, Jinibooks, techjini, Uncategorized,

Hindustan Times writing about Indian War Comics

After the Bangalore Mirror, it is now Hindustan Times publishing a news about JiniBooks and Indian War Comics available on iPad. We all are now aware about ‘Indian War Comics’ and ‘BraveHearts of Mumbai – 26/11′ are available on iPad via JiniBooks. Its an honest and sincere effort by TechJini to make the content available… Read More


February 2, 2011 iPad, iPhone,

How to establish connection over “https” using NSUrlConnection in iPhone?

The default TLS (Transport Layer Security) policy should be sufficient, but if you want to get involved in this process you can do so by implementing following NSUrlConnection delegates. [code]-(BOOL)connection:(NSURLConnection *)connection canAuthenticateAgainstProtectionSpace:(NSURLProtectionSpace*)protectionSpace -(void)connection:(NSURLConnection *)conn didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge:(NSURLAuthenticationChallenge*)challenge[/code] If the authentication method of the  “protectionSpace” is “NSURLAuthenticationMethodServerTrust”, you have two choices: First, Return No, if you want default… Read More


January 31, 2011 Android Tablets, General, India, iPad, techjini, Uncategorized,

Indian war heroes’ comics on iPad

Today Bangalore mirror published a small write up about TechJini’s efforts to salute the war heroes of Indian army. Congrats to all TechJini team and especially Amit and Shyamal. About ‘Bravehearts of Mumbai’ 26/11/2008 is a sad day in Indian history, when the terrorists attacked the city of Mumbai. It was by brave effort of… Read More


December 10, 2010 General, India, software, Tech Tips, techjini, Uncategorized,

Introduction to HTML 5 (part 1 of 10)

HTML 5 HTML is always considered as one of the important aspects of web development. Here, we are discussing about HTML5. HTML5 which is currently under development is the next major revision of the HTML standard. Like its immediate Predecessors HTML4.01 and XHTML 1.1 , HTML5 is a standard for structuring and presenting content on… Read More


November 25, 2010 android, software, Tech Tips, techjini,

Steps For Publishing Application On Android Market

Make your application non debuggable Remove the android:debuggable=”true” attribute from the <application> element of the manifest. Remove log files, backup files, and other unnecessary files from the application project. Check for private or proprietary data and remove it as necessary. Deactivate any calls to Log methods in the source code. Is in your possession Represents… Read More


November 23, 2010 android, android development,

Creating a Customized PopOver for MapView

The Android developers tutorial guides to create an app that shows a map the user can use to zoom and add overlay items that mark points of interest. Suppose the user wants to display the location of the overlay items that were added,as a callout bubble, a customized layout has to be created and added… Read More


November 11, 2010 iPad, iPhone, iPhone development, techjini,

iPad in Education Industry

iPad has emerged as one of the major inventions in the modern world. Though, it is still new and lots of applications with it are still in primary stage, it has surely captured the eye of the world. The business executives are hoping to use iPad applications in the best possible way they can. Different… Read More


November 10, 2010 Tech Tips, web 2.0,

Capturing the direct links for google analytics.

Capturing the direct links for google analytics. There are many occasions where one wants to know how many clicks were attracted by a direct link . It could be a link to download some app or pdf or any other direct link. It is general assumption that we need to have a page with google… Read More


October 26, 2010 fun, General, human factor, India, Startup,

Team Outing to Seagot Banasura Resort

It was time for another team outing and this time we headed to Seagot Banasura Resort located in Wayanad district, Kerala. As it is 290 kms away from Bangalore we first planned to leave at 6.30 but Amit suggested we should leave by 6 and guess what happened the next morning….as everyone started gathering in… Read More


July 31, 2010 android, fun, General, India, Startup,

Bangalore Android Developers having fun with Arduino and Amarino

Here are some of the pictures from Bangalore Android Developers / User group’s dev event. Theme: Have fun with Arduino and Amarino toolkit Location: TechJini Solutions Participants: Sudar (Our kit sponsor), Amrita, Krishna, Sandeep (our guide 2), Anil (our guide 1) and Amit For next event please sign up at


June 8, 2010 android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone,

Mobile Commerce: Retail

When we start talking about smart-phones, there has been a lot of changes: there are lots of smart-phones to choose in the market, retailers have started eying the mobile-friendly sites, applications and consumers are adapting to the idea of shopping on their mobile devices. Retailers have started having a mobile strategy; “mobile commerce or the… Read More


May 25, 2010 android, BlackBerry, General, India, iPhone, software, Startup,

Gartner Report on worldwide sales of Mobile phones in Qtr I of 2010

This is a research of Gartner on worldwide mobile phone sales and rankings given to the manufacturers as well as OS. I thought I need to share this with you. Worldwide mobile phone sales to end users totalled 314.7 million units in the first quarter of 2010, a 17 per cent increase from the same… Read More


May 13, 2010 android, BlackBerry, iPhone,

Smart Phones – A revolutionary evolution

Earlier, we were using mobiles for making calls and just to stay in touch. It was even luxurious and unaffordable in the mid segment customers. Now, having a mobile is no more a luxury, besides it has become necessity. Mobile is no more used only for calls, it is being used for more than that…. Read More


April 5, 2010 android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, software,

iPad: A New Business Model for Publishing Houses

The iPad marks the emergence of a new business model for Publishing Houses, are you ready to use this opportunity to move into the digital age? iPad is likely to be a great medium for publishing houses, who have drastically been hit with fast falling revenues (in reference to the year 2009). Newspapers have seen… Read More


April 2, 2010 Family, fun, General, human factor, Startup,

Campus Talent Hunt 2010

19th February 2010, our first Campus Talent Hunt at SJBIT, Bangalore. Thanks to SJBIT for organizing pool campus placement events as it saves lot of time and money for growing companies like ours.17 Engineering and Degree Colleges across Bangalore and Karnataka participated in this event. The HR Department at SJBIT was surprised by the response… Read More


March 24, 2010 android, BlackBerry, General, iPhone, software,

Smart Phone Apps for Hotel industry

Hotel industry is moving ahead aggressively in terms of marketing by using the power of mobile and smart phones.They are utilizing mobile Apps to provide the convenience factor for their loyal customers to stay ahead in the competition. Many prominent Hotel Groups like Hilton, IHG, Choice Hotels, Best Western, The Peninsula, Four Seasons and many… Read More


February 20, 2010 android, java, Tech Tips,

quicktip: Working with strings.xml in Android and little bit about @

Very simple so straight to the point. BAD: In your xmls – <Button android:id=”@+id/buy_button” android:text=”Buy Me” /> In your java code – myButton.setText(“Second Button”); GOOD: Define your strings in strings.xml (You can name it anything) and place it in ‘res/values’ folder <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <resources> <string name=”buy_button”>Buy</string> </resources> and then – <Button android:id=”@+id/buy_button” android:text=”@string/buy_button” />… Read More


February 10, 2010 android, java, Tech Tips,

quicktip: How to convert a view to an image (android)

This is a quick tip to convert or draw your view on a canvas so that you can either show it as preview or use it for any drag – drop kind of operation. Very simple and self explanatory so just posting the code View viewToBeConverted; Bitmap viewBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(viewToBeConverted.getWidth(), viewToBeConverted.getHeight(),Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888); Canvas canvas = new… Read More


December 15, 2009 Tech Tips, web 2.0,

How we fixed the UTF-8 supported PDF generation Issue

PDF generation was an old request by one of our client. Our team struggled a lot to solve this. The root problem was font. We were in need of such font which can support UTF-8 characters. But none of the PHP libraries were having such support by default. Finally we selected TCPDF as the PDF… Read More


December 1, 2009 android, java, Tech Tips,

Android Push Notification

Push Notification: Push Notification allows an Android application to listen for messages being ‘pushed’ to it from the server. Through Push Notification, our apps can provide uses even when they aren’t running. Different techniques that could be used for push notifications in android: 1)  Polling:  In this technique device is polling the server on a… Read More


November 25, 2009 mysql, software, Tech Tips,

How to set up Mysql Master-Slave Replication

Replication consists of following 3 parts…. The master records changes to its data in its binary log (Binary Log Events). The slave copies the master’s binary log events to its relay log. The slave replays the events in the relay log, applying the changes to its own data using Slave Thread. The basic steps to… Read More


November 12, 2009 General, symfony, Tech Tips,

Random differences between CodeIgniter and symfony

1) CodeIgniter is sleek, easy to learn compared to symfony. 2) CodeIgniter project set up time is very less compared to symfony. 3) CodeIgniter works well for something quick and small, symfony hits when it comes for complicated projects. 4) As CodeIgniter does not accept arguments via the command line, you can not call a… Read More


November 9, 2009 Family, fun, General, human factor, India, Startup,

Team Outing at The Rappa!

Last weekend we went to The Rappa -An Island Eco Resort located 210 kms away from Bangalore near Hassan. We left Bangalore on the 31st of October at 7.15am, families were also invited. The bus took the NICE Road till Magadi and we stopped at Kunigal for Breakfast. We played Dumb Charades, Cards, Housie and… Read More


October 26, 2009 android, java, Tech Tips,

Android NDK – an introduction (How to work with NDK)

What is the Android NDK? The Android NDK is a companion tool used only in conjunction with Android SDK which allows application developers to build performance-critical portions of their apps by use of native (C/C++) code. This provide benefits in form of reuse of existing code and increased speed. Contents of NDK: A set of… Read More


October 24, 2009 human factor, iPhone, iPhone development,

You are NOT an iPhone developer

After interviewing several iPhone developers here in Bangalore, I am really frustrated. We already have a team of iPhone app developers (who are the best) and now we are trying to add a couple more people to the team. But we have not been able to hire even 1 person after more than 40 interviews…. Read More


October 22, 2009 iPhone, Tech Tips,

How we fixed production push notifications not working while sandbox works

We have faced the issue of push notifications working seamlessly over sandbox but never work on production. This has happened more than once. I still have not investigated the root cause but the following fixes it. We did not do anything extra or change any code or project build configuration. Here is what we did:… Read More


October 8, 2009 android, android development, java,

Android 1.6 Gestures

Android 1.6 platform introduces entirely new gestures framework that finally lets developers build gestures into their apps using the new GestureBuilder tool included in the SDK. Gestures framework provides application developers with a framework for creating, storing, loading, and recognizing gestures and associating them with specific actions. Need of Gestures: Touch screens are a great… Read More


September 17, 2009 General, Productivity, software,

Thunderbird 3 beta 4 – Search and Conversations (Gloda)

I have been using Thunderbird 3 (various beta) for quite some time now. There were quite a few new features but the ones I really liked or have been most useful were ‘tabs’ and new ‘Lightning’ add-ons. I mostly use tabs to remind me of important emails. One, they are always in front and second… Read More


September 2, 2009 iPhone, Tech Tips,

iPhone OS backward compatibility, Target and Deployment SDKs and AdWhirl integration

Since many iPhone and iPod Touch users have not upgraded to the iPhone OS 3.0, it makes a lot of sense to enable backward compatibility on applications. But if you want to leverage the latest 3.0 features, you would have to put some extra effort to ensure full backward compatibility. And if you are also… Read More


August 29, 2009 Uncategorized,

Height of ‘plagiarism’

Today while generating leads Santosh came across one of the most shocking and ridiculous ways companies seem to be ‘trying’ to do business. Verna Technologies – I thought a lot but I have no idea what these guys are trying to do. They have copied our site word by word, even the founders name Only… Read More


August 19, 2009 General,

Independence Day Celebration!!

Independence Day was just around the corner and we started planning for the special day!! Typical ideas like having ethnic day, giving away best dressed award, games, team lunch etc etc came up….I was discussing these ideas with Amit and a great idea of spending time with children in an Orphanage came up. The team… Read More


August 7, 2009 fun, General, human factor, India,

Pillars of TechJini – Sapna

Yesterday while driving back home I saw Sapna, one of our PHP team members (almost running) to catch probably what was her last bus. I offered her a lift till her stop and then when I was coming back I thought I will write about ‘GEMS’ / ‘Pillars’ of TechJini. People who make TechJini what… Read More


August 6, 2009 General, Productivity, software, Tech Tips,

Writing good code – Design patterns group formed

This is how we at TechJini define good code – Code that fulfills customer requirement. This is the most important of all, no matter how you have coded, what process you have followed if it doesn’t do what is expected of it, its useless. Ofcourse has to be bug free. – Easily maintainable code. Do… Read More


July 17, 2009 android, General, Tech Tips,

HTC Magic – android phone in India total let down

UPDATE 18th Aug 2009: Finally fastboot problem of perfected SPL is taken care of. We were able to flash new ROM on our android. Google Maps, Android Market, Gmail, Quickoffice, youtube etc are available. We also tested our application Aw’ Shugs, need some tweaking. Following links were extremely useful. How to create GoldCard… Read More


July 9, 2009 iPhone, iPhone development, Tech Tips,

Tools for iPhone UI (user interface) design, mockups, wireframes or just a sketch

We tried several tools and methods for user interface designing of iPhone applications. We now use a combination of these tools and our choice depends on what best suits the product as well as the customer. The key point is communicating the design clearly to both the customer and developers. Before going into details, let… Read More


July 1, 2009 Aw' Shugs, iPhone,

Aw’ Shugs Free version now available

After 10 days in review, Aw’ Shugs Free is now available on the iPhone App Store. The update to the paid version is still under review. The only difference between the free and paid versions is that the paid version allows users to catch shugs anywhere and not just limited to a range around their… Read More


May 20, 2009 Aw' Shugs, iPhone,

Aw’ Shugs Japanese version now available

We just released the 1.1 update for Aw’ Shugs with complete Japanese support in the application. Here’s what it looks like. You can get your copy here from the Apple App Store.


May 7, 2009 Aw' Shugs, fun, iPhone,

Aw’ Shugs comic now available on slideshare

Comic strip for Aw' Shugs – the iPhone application View more presentations from techjini.


January 23, 2009 General, human factor, India, Productivity, Startup,

Democratic Company – everyone tells how their preformance should be evaluated.

We have these open sessions regularly in our company where everyone talks about why they chose TechJini, what they like here, what should be changed, we share company’s vision, goals and make everyone understand how they are part of it. Today’s session was to decide ‘appraisal policy’ i.e. on what criteria company should judge performance…. Read More


January 20, 2009 fun, General, human factor, Startup,

What we like and dislike about TechJini – Joys and pains of working with TechJini (a start up or small company)

Right from the heart, this is what we ‘jinies’ (I just invented that term ) have to say about life at TechJini. So here is what we like and what we would like to change: Exposure – We get exposed to different kind of work, something we will get to do in 2 years in… Read More


January 10, 2009 android, General, java, software, Tech Tips,

Android tip #1 ContentProvider , Accessing local file system from WebView / showing image in webview using content://

ok, this was a tough one. First be informed that this is something Google (Android people) are trying to prevent i.e. letting browser (WebView) have access to the local file system. In earlier releases of SDK you could access local files using ‘file://’ but it is stopped now. Then there was an option where you… Read More


December 29, 2008 mysql, software, Tech Tips,

MySql tip #2 Taking backup ensuring multi byte characters does not become garbage

If you have multi byte data in your tables its important to take backup in utf8 which can be done using the command below: mysqldump -u root –default-character-set=utf8 DB_NAME | gzip > DB_NAME-`date +%Y%m%d%H%M`.sql.gz The date parameter simply appends date/time to the backup. In order to restore the backup taken above use following command gunzip… Read More


December 25, 2008 General, java, jboss, software, Tech Tips,

JBoss tip #5 Keeping the project in exploded .war file in some other location other than deploy folder

This is how you can increase your productivity while developing an app on Jboss, no need to package and deploy again and again, reduced application development and testing time. Open %JBOS_HOME%\server\default\conf\jboss-service.xml and add the new location [sourcecode language=”xml”] <attribute name="URLs"> deploy/, E:/ file:/var/opt/apps/ </attribute> [/sourcecode]


December 24, 2008 General, java, jboss, software, Tech Tips,

JBoss tip #4 Increasing the jta time out from default 5 mins to more

Open %JBOSS-HOME%\server\default\conf\jboss-service.xml [sourcecode language=”xml”][/sourcecode] 3600 ${}/tx-object-store [/sourcecode language=’css’] [sourcecode language=”xml”][/sourcecode] 3600 [/sourcecode language=’css’] by default it would be 300, here we changed it to 3600 which is 1 hr.


December 23, 2008 mysql, software, Tech Tips,

MySQL tip #1 How to find size of a mysql database

In order to find size of your mysql databases you can run following sql querry: [sourcecode language=’sql’] SELECT table_schema “Data Base Name”, sum( data_length + index_length ) / 1024 / 1024 “Data Base Size in MB” FROM information_schema.TABLES GROUP BY table_schema ; [/sourcecode] Divide it by further 1024 to get it in GB. For more… Read More


December 21, 2008 General, java, jboss, software, Tech Tips,

JBoss tip #3 Accessing the application out side the local machine

Open %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\deploy\jboss-web.deployer\server.xml and change the address to “” [sourcecode language=’xml’] [/sourcecode]


December 20, 2008 General, java, jboss, software, Tech Tips,

Jboss tip #2 Changing the default port number 8080 to some other port

Open %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\deploy\jboss-web.deployer\server.xml and change the port as per your requirement. [sourcecode language=’xml’] [/sourcecode]


December 19, 2008 General, java, jboss, Productivity, software, Tech Tips,

Jboss tip #1 Connection Pooling And DataSource creation

Which ever data source you create (for instance lets say for oracle data source or mysql data source ) file name should end with “name-ds.xml” and the content should be [sourcecode language=’xml’] tjOracleDS false jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:tjdb oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver staging staging org.jboss.resource.adapter.jdbc.vendor.OracleExceptionSorter 5 30 5000 Oracle9i [/sourcecode] [sourcecode language=’xml’]false [/sourcecode] This help us to remove java:comp from jndi… Read More


December 16, 2008 General, Productivity, software, Tech Tips,

Linux applications to make life easier

bash-completion If you know what the command does but dont remember the options this will be really helpful. You wont have to open man everytime. Just put a’ ‘-‘ or ‘–‘ and press tab. for eg. javac – will list following: ~$ javac – -bootclasspath -extdirs -g:vars -sourcepath -classpath -g -help -target -d -g:lines -nowarn… Read More


November 8, 2008 General, iPhone,

Our shiny new iMac

Just got our new iMac


November 7, 2008 android, General, iPhone,

Starting work on the iPhone and Android platform

We are very excited to be starting work on iPhone and Android projects starting next week. Though our team has experience with mobile technologies and location based services, we last worked on them in 2002/2003 for the Japanese, US and the Indian market. Things have changed since then. Location based services were still in their… Read More


November 5, 2008 symfony, Tech Tips, web 2.0,

tip: Single symfony project serving multiple domains via separate apps

Problem: You have a symfony project with 2 applications ‘customers’ and ‘resellers’. You want to use ‘customer’ application and to use ‘resellers’ application. here customers app is your default ‘frontend’ app with index.php and resellers app has say ‘reseller.php’ and ‘reseller_dev.php’ controller files. Solution: Separate the web folder for each domain you want… Read More


October 16, 2008 Tech Tips,

HTTP/SSL requests from flash in IE when response is XML

If you happen to get an error #2032 when your flash file (running on IE) requests for XML content over an HTTPS connection, its an issue with the headers IE wants. This error does not occur on Firefox, only on IE. After some searching, thanks to this, we fixed it. Phew.


October 10, 2008 fun,

Am I using google chrome?

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, and here’s a glimpse of what happened when I visited using gogle chrome: Click on the picture to view full size (570KB)


July 16, 2008 symfony, Tech Tips,

Interface translation in symfony – tool for teams

I mentioned in my previous post how we decouple the translation dictionary completely from the source so that a change in any text does not affect the templates. That has helped us a lot in several large projects. Another issue which we frequently encountered when multiple people worked on the same project is conflicting and… Read More


July 4, 2008 software, Tech Tips,

Passwords in clear text

I just received a newsletter from a social network site ( and was surprised how they had embedded my username and password in clear text. It speaks volumes on how seriously they take security. I think when storing passwords all sites should go by few rules: Do not store passwords in cleartext. Never ever. Use… Read More


February 16, 2008 Uncategorized,

Restoring monitor resolution on 17″ TFT

A lot of times I found my Acer 1702W 17″ TFT Monitor loosing its native resolution of 1400 X 900, which is ideal for the monitor to display the content properly. Even after doing a lot of search on various search engines I couldn’t find a method that guaranteed me results. Though I have an… Read More


February 9, 2008 Tech Tips,

Date manipulation using GNU date

GNU date command lets you do just about everything related to date and time but date manipulation is something not well documented. # get date 2 weeks from now date –date “now 2 week” # 2 months earlier date –date “now -2 month” you can give any date in place of ‘now’ or use a… Read More


October 27, 2007 fun, General,

Interesting information from Google trends

I was waiting for our designer to show me some htmls so in the meantime I thought of ‘browsing’ Google Trends I looked at the home page for couple of minutes thinking how can this be helpful, after looking at the listed examples first thing that caught my attention was “Tip: You can compare searches… Read More


October 23, 2007 glassfish, java, Tech Tips,

GlassFish Auto Deployment and Hot Deployment

There are several ways to deploy a GlassFish application. To speed up development/debuging we need a way to instantly deploy web applications. One of the ways is to use hot deployment feature, another lesser known feature is ‘directory deployment’. You simply point GlassFish to your development directory and let it pick up and deploy application… Read More


October 19, 2007 IDE, java, Productivity, software,

Evaluating / Comparing NetBeans and Eclipse EE for Java EE development

Although we are ‘big’ Eclipse fans and have been using it for many years for everything (PHP/symfony, Java, XUL, HTML) and have even contributed plugins but we decided to evaluate NetBeans to see if it gives any extra features that might help/speed up development for our forth coming Java EE project. Technologies we are going… Read More


October 9, 2007 fun, software,

Visualizr – Yahoo! Open Hack Day Bangalore, India

Over the weekend we went to the open yahoo! hack day at Bangalore ….and what…… Here are the ideas we thought of A service which will take your favorite blogs, your linked in profile or/and your favorite articles as input and create a mash-up of articles you might be interested in from Amazon or images… Read More


September 19, 2007 Startup,

STPI incubation facility in Bangalore

We recently came to know about the incubation facility that STPI provides to new startups looking for a cost effective and worry free infrastructure. This is really suitable for new units who have not invested in their existing infrastructure and plan to get their own office (leased/owned) in a year’s time. Apart from the infrastructure… Read More


August 31, 2007 software, Tech Tips,

Recovering database from MySQL 4.x

Recently I was involved with a task to recover a database on MySQL 4.x that crashed. Below are the steps that I did to recover the database. The commands in this post are available on MySQL 4.x, if you are on MySQL version higher than this then check MySQL 5.x 1. The MYI file of… Read More


August 20, 2007 software, Tech Tips,

Free Photo Editing Softwares

Wanting a powerful and free photo editing software is a common thing. I mean when you are trying it as a hobby or for some small time fun, why would you pay $649 for Photoshop ? This is where free softwares come to your aid. Of course if you are reading this, you have looked… Read More


August 18, 2007 Productivity, Startup,

Employees in startups

Anuj Khurana has some great pointers of what the employees in a startup should be doing and expecting. I specifically like points 4, 5 and 7: The company’s success is your success, and vice versa Always remember it’s your company Self-drive and self controlled Read the full post here


July 26, 2007 symfony, Tech Tips,

Interface translation in symfony

Symfony provides interface translation using the XLIFF standard. While using the XLIFF standard here is good, it has one pain point. The pain point becomes apparent when the need arises for changing/editing the phrases. If the phrase is used in several templates, you need to search all the templates and change there as well as… Read More


June 29, 2007 ValueJini, web 2.0,

Service and product innovation – customers can help

A recent law suit against Dell by the attorney general of New York, says a lot about how important customer service has become. Its interesting to observe that having a good product line alone does not guarantee company’s success, rather what makes a difference is how well you are serving your customers. Innovating on how… Read More


June 18, 2007 General,

Early day impressions

I started my career with GE as a trainee & left the company after 9 months very clear about ‘what’ i have to do, the only question was ‘how’. In this world there are two things related to work. first is, ‘what’ work are you doing and second, ‘how’ you are doing it. With experience… Read More


June 5, 2007 connected world, fun, General, human factor,

Quizzing in a connected world

Few days ago I played an interesting quiz. You should try it when you have time. I enjoyed solving it. Once done, though I was feeling happy to have solved it, I was not satisfied. Why, because I was wondering as to who really solved it, me or the search engine? In todays connected world that has so… Read More


June 1, 2007 General, India, legal, Startup,

Starting a company in Bangalore

During the year and a half of TechJini’s existence, we have learnt several things about starting and running a company in Bangalore. I am putting together our experiences in this post so that it can be helpful to others. Register the company The World Bank has a very detailed and comprehensive list of things to… Read More


March 8, 2007 cricket, fun, India, web 2.0,

Cheer Your Favourite Team in World Cup 2007

With a few free days on hand and the ICC Cricket World Cup around the corner, we here at TechJini thought why not make use of the time and create something for the World Cup. Thus CheerMyTeam was born. The features were driven by two factors, 1. We are cricket fans and 2. We wanted… Read More


January 23, 2007 Productivity, Tech Tips,

FireFox extensions I cannot work without

Firefox, Eclipse, Thunderbird, Kopete/GAIM, OpenOffice, konsole, tomboy this is where I spent over 95% of my computer time. Best thing about all these applications/products is that you can install additional plugin/extension/addons to enhance their usage. Following is the list of firefox plugins I use almost daily. Firebug – A must have, very helpful js/html debugging… Read More


August 13, 2006 Tech Tips,

Why do I use Frameworks and Design Patterns?

I have been designing and developing for over 10 years now. I have never worked on same technology for more than 2 years. This gave me oppurtunity to learn new stuff but at the same time it made my job very challenging. Time to market is still a key differentiating factor and in this competitive… Read More


March 23, 2006 India, web 2.0,

Wanted: Indian Innovators for web 2.0

As more and more companies bring out great products in the web 2.0 arena, it becomes evident that innovation is all around. Except here at home. I was looking at this cool mashup of Google Maps with the physical locations of all web 2.0 companies, and one hting to notice is that there is not… Read More


March 22, 2006 Productivity,

Interrupt Management

It had taken me the whole of morning yesterday to arrive at the strategy and algorithm we would be using for optimizing the performance of a database intensive application. To be sure that the algorithm will work and perform well under all scenarios, I was just trying to run it through various scenarios, on paper…. Read More


March 11, 2006 Tech Tips,

Enabling Java support in PHP

Note: This article was written after implementing Java (1.4.2_06) support on PHP 5.1.2 (cli) (built: Feb 28 2006 06:21:15) As written on there are two ways of integrating: Integrate PHP into Java Integrate Java into PHP We will be talking about “Integrating Java into PHP”. This again can be done in two ways Re-compile… Read More


March 9, 2006 Tech Tips,

Starting RCP application in your desired locale

This tip answers following questions: 1. How do you I start an RCP application in locale of my choice 2. I am starting my application in say ja_JP but still all default widgets (ok, cancel button etc), preference pages, help, update screens etc are coming in English. Answer to both these questions is pretty simple… Read More


February 2, 2006 General,

Successful offshore practices

Ed Sim writes about “Successful offshore practices – let them work on your crown jewels“, I will be surprised if this has come as a discovery? One gentleman even points out his experience with Indian/Russian programmers, I believe its not about Indian, Russian or US developers, its about the environment you provide to your team…. Read More


January 20, 2006 Family,

Happy Birthday Riya

I know its a little too late, 2 months late actually, but as they say “better late than never”. Everyone in my family had been reminding me that I had not uploaded Riya’s birthday pictures. After all it was her first birthday. Finally I got around to uploading the pictures onto flickr. This is the first… Read More


January 19, 2006 Tech Tips,

Custom XUL titlebar that responds to events (almost)

<titlebar> tag does not have the standarf minimise, maximise or close buttons and the reference says “Any elements inside the titlebar do not receive events.” so what do you do if you want a custom titlebar with the standard buttons? After some hair pulling Shyamal came up with a nice simple idea (which looks so… Read More


January 19, 2006 Tech Tips,

Extending FireFox menu bar

You can easily find information on how to create a new toolbar but if you want to add to an existing toolbar looking at the browser code was the best resource I could find. This is what it takes to add your controls on FireFox’s menu bar. Browser.xul uses following tag hierarchy for toolbar. <toolbox… Read More


January 19, 2006 web 2.0,

Show me the money

Web 2.0 is the center of all internet activity nowadays. More and more people are joining the race to get a share of the pie by launching a web 2.0 service. And social networking is the theme most of these services revolve around. Apart from a few services like flickr that have a strong revenue… Read More


January 12, 2006 Tech Tips,

Identifying and displaying hyperlinks in XUL

The other day I needed to identify URLs within a block of text and create hyperlinks out of them to be displayed in a XUL description element. First I looked for any XUL control that could do this for me. But there was none. So I turned to javascript to identify the URLs in the… Read More


January 9, 2006 Startup,

Is an idea necessary?

When we started TechJini, we did not have any particular killer-app in our mind. Of course, we had several ideas that seemed to be promising but we had not decided which one to pursue. When I was talking with my managers and other colleagues (from my previous job), everyone was surprised that we did not… Read More