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Techjini has extensive experience developing feature rich iPhone applications, and is now able to offer iPad software development services.

We're looking forward to partnering with our clients to leverage the anticipation around this new device and to have applications available on the App Store the day the iPad is released.

Our expertise in Apple’s application development services ensures that we adhere to quality standards and meet stringent deadlines for application development.

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At TechJini Solutions, we provide software product engineering services and build diverse applications for our customers. We have emerged as one of the leading software application service providers catering unique solutions to clients from all over the world. We hire app developers having a keen interest and talent in software development. We have specialized development teams for web, desktop and mobile medium who collaborate your demand and their ideas into real products and develop the best of software solutions.


Our aim is to build software that builds businesses and, to achieve the same, we incorporate advanced features and latest technology towards catering the best application development services to our clients. We invest time and cost to develop an application and provide you the best solutions at affordable app development cost. With our ability and experience in building highly complex but scalable and performance oriented software systems, we cater to the most demanding markets and customers.


Experience our application development services and let us be a part of your business growth!


  • iPhone App Development
  • Business & Sales Application
  • iPhone Games Development
  • iPhone Widget Development
Termed as a ‘Revolutionary’ device in the tablet industry, Apple iPad is a great product bundled with vast number of iPad applications that will enable you to experience the true potential of technology.
Android is growing fast as a platform and so is the demand for Android Application Development. TechJini Solutions has been one of the early starters in Android Development and has one of the best Android Development Teams.
The expertise of TechJini Blackberry developers and our BlackBerry App World publishing experience makes us assertive enough to take up the technical challenges. We have worked with OEM’s in porting their BlackBerry applications onto their devices.
TechJini has a strong consulting practice, domain knowledge, to provide its customers the lowest possible TCO (total cost of ownership) without sacrificing the product quality.
TechJini has always been proficient in developing web applications or solutions that are Highly Complex, data intensive and high traffic bearing applications.


Mobile, Web or Desktop whatever medium you want to develop solutions, products or applications for, please feel free to contact us. We also offer specialized consultation services.
Clients and prospects: sales@techjini.com
Company information: info@techjini.com
Jobs and resumes: jobs@techjini.com