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Smart Solution for Smart Mobile Platforms
Smart Solution for Smart Mobile Platforms
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We build software that builds businesses. With our ability and experience in building highly complex but scalable and performance oriented software systems, we cater to the most demanding markets and customers. Focus on what is important to you - your business, and leave the software to us. After all that's what we do best, write software.

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"The winners of innovation would be those who get their vision successfully translated to reality". Be it the web, desktop or the mobile medium, we have expertise to turn ideas into real products - and fast. TechJini effectively collaborates with you to expand, nurture, and protect your innovation with the same passion and vision as yourself.

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Compelling Mobile Solutions

TechJini team has experience developing mobile solutions and location based services since 2001. Leveraging this experience and expertise we have a mobile technology team that focuses on designing and developing products for leading smart phone platforms like Android, iPhone OS, Blackberry, Palm WebOS and J2ME.

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Application Development Company

TechJini is one of the leading application development companies in India. App development has never been as big as it is today. Mobile application development is in huge demand and to fulfill this demand, we have qualified and experienced app developers who build applications as per your requirement. We work on diverse application development projects across iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms. We have catered unique solutions on rapid application development to clients from across the world. We have specialized application developers who work closely with our customers on building effective apps as per their demand.

Application Developers

At TechJini, we have specialized apps development teams for iPad application development, blackberry app development, android apps development, web application and more. Our aim is to collaborate your ideas and demand and convert it to real products. We incorporate advanced features and latest technology towards developing the best apps for clients. All you need to do is interact with our app development team and put in your demand. A qualified apps developer will understand your requirement and build an app as per your need. Our expert developers will develop an app combining your ideas and their experience on apps development.

We have a wide range of application development solutions brought to you by experienced application developers. We are one of the leading app development company and offer services at affordable cost as compared to other application development firms. Explore our application development services and give us an opportunity to be a part of your success story.

iPhone application, Android application,iPad application Development services
Case Study

The enterprise mobile applications we have delivered for Duskin & Daikin™ empowers their sales teams with innovative tools at the point of sale. In a data-intensive environment, it provides handy mobile access to critical information such as product catalogs, regional pricing and RSS feeds.

One of the innovative features developed includes a virtual reality engine that runs within the app, and creates a powerful visualization experience for prospective customers.

Over a very short period, this has resulted in improved employee productivity, greater sales efficiency and increased customer satisfaction for Duskin & Daikin™.

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